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A range of funds that invest in valuable areas of the New Zealand property sector.

Trustpower building

We have a 50-year strategy in play based on providing valuable and sustainable opportunities for New Zealanders.

Become our development partner and share the profit of our projects. Together we can generate the capital required to empower our construction partners to build and maintain momentum. Our funds offer investors an exceptional and highly competitive return.

With the 25 years experience of Classic Group’s behind us, delivering profitable development and construction projects around New Zealand, an investment with Classic Capital is an opportunity grounded in solid foundations.
Our Funds

Building momentum for New Zealand


Land & Build Fund

Through this fund, Classic Capital are offering qualifying investors the opportunity to benefit from a competitive return through their indirect participation in first mortgage backed loans. The funds will be lent to Classic Builders related companies for the sole purpose of building residential dwellings throughout New Zealand.

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Why invest with Classic Capital?

A positive impact
As well as a great return on investment, our funds will create a lasting impact on our society by giving people the opportunity to create a place they can call their own.
Industry experience
With 25 years of successful building backing our business, we have the experience and the means to support the increased supply of housing for NZ.
Transparent in our processes
We continuously progress and diversify the funds we offer and work diligently to ensure they are managed in the best interest of our investors and the environments we invest in.

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Our Investments
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Our opportunities extend to qualifying investors who meet the criteria outlined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.
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