Our why

To build momentum in the industry and create more homes for New Zealanders.

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Our vision is to create a steady stream, of innovative building solutions that will leave a mark of positive change in our communities.

Aotearoa, New Zealand is a beautiful country, with many who would love to make it their home. Our way of life for residents and newcomers alike is based on the ‘homeownership dream’. We certainly have the space, yet we don’t have the building momentum; we need construction to help our country grow.

Our vision with Classic Capital is very simply to build more homes. We have land, we have skills and through our Classic Builders division, we have a solid reputation.

And now we need to build. We believe that strong investment partnerships will support our vision to build and enable you, our investor to achieve your financial goals.

We’re not just creating capital, we’re creating job opportunities, home-ownership prospects, and economic stability. Working together, we can ensure our legacy builds the future of New Zealand.
Who we are
A property fund manager - backed by 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

What we value

The Classic Group of businesses are built off solutions that take care of people - which also means our people, clients, suppliers, stakeholders, investors, our environment and the communities that we build in.
We continuously invest in areas that support the needs of the market. By securing land, developing land, and diversifying the type of homes we are building we can provide more homes to more New Zealanders.
We are dedicated to working smarter and finding ways to scale through continuous improvement of how we build, the technologies we use and consistency across systems and processes.
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